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New Product Development

Experienced Team Working For You

Riggingman has the resources to meet your complete product development needs. Our experienced new product development (NPD) team along with our ISO standard NPD process will ensure your product is delivered in a timely manner without compromising the high quality. Order with us, your risk is minimized.

We follow ISO regulation in every phase of our NPD process: Requirements Collection Phase, Concept Development Phase, Detailed Design Phase, Testing and Refinement Phase, Release Phase. Our prior successes are strong proves for the effectiveness of this process.

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To get start, please email your designs to , or send us your samples to: No. 2, Hai An Road, Qingdao, China. As soon as we take both designs or samples, we’ll get in touch with you after we review your designs or samples.

D:\360瀹夊叏娴忚鍣ㄤ笅杞絓new-product-development-designs.jpg D:\360瀹夊叏娴忚鍣ㄤ笅杞絓new-product-development-samples.jpg

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