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Movable Work table Engraving Machine

Product Description


Stable structure feature:

1、The machine using moving knife cut way, Longmen keeping a high stability and strength.

2、The machine frame using welding, through high temperature treatment, ensure machine frame has little deformation, good rigidity and strength.

3、 In the X slide rack, coupled with horizon and 90°rotating saw formed a complete system of automatic processing technology. Multiple spindle configuration umbrella knife library, eight different knife, can compensate the tool length error.

4、The machine using Yaskawa servo driver motor, high precision helical gear transmission, making the machine have advantages of running stable, low noise, high speed, high precision, etc.

5、The table-board using high strength plate with strong adsorbability, equipped with powerful vacuum system, ensure do not produce the dust in the process of machining

6、 Automatic self-lubrication system, one-key operation, easy to use, the machine maintenance better.

Application area:

The machine suit for door, cabinet and large manufacturer, can be used in the real wood and density board carving.

Cutting 3D and production process


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