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How to Use Rigging Shackles Safely
[Industry News] How to Use Rigging Shackl... Anchor (bow type) and chain ("D" type) shackles are used with screw or round pins.When selecting the right shackle, refer to manufacturers' tables for the safe working loads of the shackles.Shackles are sized according to the diameter of the bow section rather than the pin size. Never use a shackle if the distance between the eyes is greater th
The safety of Webbing/Chain/Rope Slings - RiggingMan
[Industry News] The safety of Webbing/Cha... Sling Safety INTRODUCTIONThe ability to handle materials - to move them from one location to another, whether during transit or at the worksite - is vital to all segments of industry. Materials must be moved, for example, in order for industry to manufacture, sell, and utilize products. In short, without materials-handling capability, industry
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